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Party like it's 1997

1997 Party Map

My sister texted me this picture the other day and it brought me back... back to 1997. For the past few weeks I've been digging through notebooks, drawers, folders, and cloud servers to find artwork to put on this website. Most of what I gathered so far is from the past few years, so seeing this picture of a party invite/map from 20 years ago was a trip down memory lane (well, Route 15 in Underhill, VT to be exact). It reminded me how much doodling irreverent pictures has been a part of my life since I could hold a crayon in my chubby little hand. My style hasn't really changed over the years (see evidence A: 1997 Party Map), and neither has my compulsion to capture life's highlights and mundane moments (see future blog on Sketchnoting) with drawings.

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