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Graphic Recording

What is a graphic recording?

A Graphic Recording is a large-scale, visual representation of a presentation (e.g., A keynote speaker, panel, or meeting). 

How does it work?

I bring my 4X8' graphic wall, paper and markers to your event. I listen and i draw what i hear, using a combination of text and representative images. 

Why do i need a graphic recording?

A graphic recording is a unique visual memory that all attendees can see and take back with them after the event. think of it as having a note-taker who can capture the big ideas and convey them in an organized and compelling way. 

What do I do with the huge drawing afterward?
Some clients like to hang the drawing in their office space afterward so everyone can see and remember the event. I also take a picture of the drawing and send a high-quality image to you so you can share it with attendees and print it on regular size paper. 

Can you provide a graphic recording for my event?

I would be happy to! Let's talk about what you need. Drop me a line using the super-easy-to-fill-out form at the bottom of the page!

This is a 4x8' graphic recording of an event with a keynote speaker and small group discussions, followed by report outs.

I provided the client with pictures of the entire graphic recording, as well as cropped images of just the reports out and planning questions so they could be used as one-page, quick references for attendees. 

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