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Doodles, Sketches, and the Creative Process

I love the creative process and I doodle compulsively, especially during meetings. It helps me pay attention and I process the information more deeply. The best part is when I'm doodling mindlessly and stumble on an idea. These aren't finished works, but I like to remember how finished products started out... as little doodles and sketches.

My happy place... lots of paper and markers.
DC Graphic Facilitation Meetups are a fun way to connect with my tribe of marker lovers and practice new techniques.
Sometimes I hear something great or funny or inspiring and I just have to draw it. My friend Karen was lamenting eating a "stupid rice cake" and it made me laugh. I mean, rice cakes are kinda stupid, right?
This was a practice graphic recording that I did during a class at The Grove (home to graphic facilitation guru, David Sibbet)
It was challenging doing this drawing on the floor, but Jack likes to up the ante by climbing on me while I draw.
It's always sad when a great co-worker leaves, but I wanted to create some worthy decorations for the going away party.
Last summer, I biked to work (a bit, not everyday) and documented my commute during a class I was taking at work (I was paying attention... I  just needed to keep busy during the downtimes).
Another doodle. Another class.
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